Choose Love Camp


Hey, gorgeous!

Ready for more love in 2015? =)

So, keep posted. I’m sharing here my love nuggets, and I hope it inspires you to choose love every time too. The picture above, I created it myself and there’s — literally — love under its skin.

I was at the beach with my sister and my 3 years old niece, and I gave her my phone so that she could take a picture of auntie. She put her little finger exactly over the camera visor, and when I looked to my camera roll when I got home, I saw that she photographed her pinky skin! the whole pictures are fully pink, and I loved the color.

I found it so sweet, that I decided to use them for 2015’s image.

Now, let’s get moved:

Day 1 – Heart Wide Open

Day 2 – Knit for Freedom (Social work in prison)

And you can also check the Choose Love Boot Camp 2014.

With a grateful, loving heart,

I bow to you.

Namaste __/\__


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