My Practice Journals – Day 2


Practice with all your heart, yet, practice with integrity.

I’ve been pushing myself in the last 9 months to accomplish poses I want so badly to be able to do. Today, I had an inspiration: Don’t push yourself anymore. Why to hurry? While you’re “not” in the pose, you’re practicing and achieving other very important things, like patience, kindness to yourself and, above all – in my case, most importat – faith. Have faith that everything is on its way and you don’t have to hurry.

I’ve been doing my practice with all my heart, why do I keep pushing myself?

“Although some of the postures will be strong, we’ll open into them gradually and joyfully, enjoying the journey – you can’t rush a flower opening!” ~Garden of yoga



Photos: Hydrangeas, by ME! : )

It’s not a crime to be lost and be in weird or uncomfortable situations and betray who you are “to survive”. I think we’ve all felt lost at a point in life, and had to comply. Don’t be hard on yourself because of that. Be kind to yourself.

“Life is full of opportunities. Just follow the opportunities that are presented to you and magical things will happen.” ~Noll Daniel

“If you truly loved yourself, you could never hurt another”. ~Buddha

* About my Practice Journal Series: I’ve always had Practice Journals, where I’d write my thoughts, emotions and a-ha moments during my yoga practice.

Slowly, I’m trying to recover them and post them all here. 



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