My Practice Journals – Day 1

It’s not only a posture. It’s you, and it’s your life. It’s all about you becoming more free, more happy and more you. (19/09/2012)

Today’s Sequence:

  • Warrior II
  • Half Moon
  • Wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana)

Peaceful warrior makes me feel sooooo exhausted, I don’t know why.

What does this posture means to me in this time in my life?

To be born again. To give birth to myself in a new way. To love, to understand my organic system.

To be in harmony as a whole. No parts rejected. All parts of me loved, dearlyy cherished, all healing, love, peace and truth.


Photo: Mine! (you can use it if you want, though)

Love is all about getting to know each other, learning about yourself, discovering your inner landscape.

Trusting yourself, your body (your body has so much to show you. Listen to it), your own true nature, your unique you. Trust the energy that flows through your body.

It’s filled with light, love, healing power. It’s available to you right now. Get in touch with it. You’ll never be lost, never disconnected.

“You are a dynamic whole greater than the sum of your parts. By integrating your body, mind and emotions through training, you reshape your life”. ~Dan Millman

My knees are no doubt an issue when it comes to Mermaid pose and Eka Pada Rajakapotasana.  I don’t know how to heal them.

I’m going to dedicate myself today to hip openers and to splits and also wok on my fluidity, body, heart, mind and spirit.



I’ve learned the crocodile mudra, which helps you to access your reserve energy.

*About my Practice Journal Series: I’ve always had Practice Journals, where I’d write my thoughts, emotions and a-ha moments during my yoga practice.

Slowly, I’m trying to recover them and post them all here. 


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