New Year, New Home


I don’t write here for a long while, but it’s because of many things and also because I want to think more about what I want to express and what I want this blog to be.

I’m going through some changes in life and they are for the utmost good, I’m sure. 

New Year’s eve was very good, I thought it would be harder. 

My grandfather passed away on 27th december, and I was worried about how my mother would feel about it. My grandpa was 91 years old, and we were expecting that he would pass way soon. But when it really happens is a different story.

But my mother received his death very well, and I was relieved. She said that he was suffering a lot and that, in that particular day, she had asked God to take him.

I’m trusting he is is peace and blessing us from above now.

I’ve also decided to leave my parents home. I’m 35 years old and still living with my parents. Somehow, I thought I could never leave, that I couldn’t sustain myself, that I shouldnt’ go anywhere. I was just too afraid.

Now, I’m still afraid, but I’m facing my fears.


So far, I’ve come to this realizations:

— Before moving out, I need to have savings. At least the equivalent to three months of rent, minimum. I work with projects, and some months are better than others. So, I need money saved for the months I don’t have many projects.

— I’ve started to look for apartments and noticed that these 3 things happen often:

a) The apartment is super cute and new and awesome and I can pay for it,  but it’s too far away from the main roads and the neighborhood is not safe. As I’m going to live by myself, safety comes first.

b) The area around the apartment is very good, but inside it’s old and broken, or dark and unwelcoming.

c) The apartment AND the neighborhood are great, but the rent is too high for me.

I’ve been joggling to make ends meet and therefore I’m doing a lot of research to find the best match; I’ve already selected 8 places to visit and make a choice.

Another thing is about furniture. I want to buy my own and have little money to do it,so, in the first months, I’ll have to live WITHOUT:

— a washing machine (a sink, a brush, some buckets and soap will do)

— a stove (I’m thinking about buying only a cooktop)

— a sofa (I’m not very social anyway)

— a table

— a wardrobe

From all the above, the only one I’ll really miss is a stove, because I love to cook, but I’ll have to find a way.

A fridge, by the other hand, is expansive and essential. I can’t give it up.

I’ve decide to use many posters and pictures to decorate the walls. That is unexpansive and very effective to decorate small places. Because the apartment is going to be small. I’ve selected only 1 bedroom places.


I think that moving out will be great to me, and help me really mature and grow.

Wish me luck!

Namaste __/\__


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