Choose Love Boot Camp 2015 — Day 3: The Time


We are already past the half of 2015, and I’m on Day 3 of the Boot Camp. I haven’t been posting much, but I haven’t forget the message “Healing. Nurturing. Love.” by Jesse. How could I?

His message saved my life once and has been saving me since, in so many ways.

Today, I’d like to share another amazing spirit. She is a Brazilian gospel singer who had a very serious disease (septicemia) and literally died and came back. She enduredso much (52 days of a very painful coma) and was reborn brighter and stronger than ever. A true miracle.

I always had a lot of prejudice against gospel stuff, specially Brazilian gospel stuff. But I love her teachings.

Here is a short video with one of her many, many writings.

I hope to share more about ther soon, with English subtitles 😀

Namaste __/\__



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