Practice Yoga On or Offline

After about one and a half year out, I’m practicing yoga again with YogaGlo, a website which offers classes of many styles of yoga, and have a wonderful range of teachers: Kathryn Budig, Rod Stryker, Jodi Blumstein, Jason Crandell, Tara Judelle, Dice lida-Klein, Noah Mazé, Tiffany Cruikshank, Sally Kempton (meditation), Stephanie Snyder and many others. I probably wrote some of their names wrong, so, apologies.


If you cannot go to a yoga studio, or want to complement your offline practice with some classes you could not find locally, the internet is full of great websites offering thousands of classes.

YogaGlo is my favorite. It’s US$18/month, but I find it a great cost-benefit. The teachers are awesome, the variety of classes is huge, the website is very clean and well designed, I find it perfect to suit my needs. But I’ve also tried and liked other options, like:

Yoga International


The Yoga International is more “serious” and conventional than YogaGlo, in my opinion. It is rooted in the philosophy of yoga, and therefore perfect if you love the ethics and the “studying” part of the practice.

The website has many videos, some free, some paid, with classes of asana, pranayama, meditation and literature. It’s also cheaper: US$7.99/month if you want added benefits. Highly recommended!

DoYogaWithMe – 100% Free!


Yes, you heard it. No strings attached. This website (it had to be canadian) is pure giving: hundreds of wonderful classes recorded in nature, with the beach, mountains or forests as a background, absolutely free. I don’t know why I continue paying for YogaGlo if I have this amazing website at my disposal. I must be somehow masochistic, or I need the feeling of paying back o.O

Who knows.

But they accpet donations:

“Being free makes it challenging to cover the basic costs of producing more videos and maintaining the website. We’re getting creative and doing what we can to raise funds in other ways, including a ‘pay-what-you-can’ request for donations from our visitors who are not struggling financially, and whose contributions effectively subsidize those who are. Good karma all around, we hope!”

A wonderful resource, dear to my heart.

Ekhart Yoga


I’ve tested some of the free classes of this website and they are very good. You can also choose to become a member (12.50 EUR/month).

Gayam TV



Gayam TV is so huge that I got lost inside it. The portal has many resources and free classes, concentrated in the Gayam Yoga Studio. For US$19.99/month you can practice with one of the best and most famous yoga teachers: Rodney Yee (my sister just loves him : )



I never used this service, but they seem to be very nice. It’s US$15/month, and they have some free classes for you to test and see if you like. Their 7-Day Challenge is also free and seems to be very interesting (I love challenges!).

There are many other websites, like this one in NZ, and if you search YouTube you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of free classes, meditations and lectures about yoga. Seriously, you don’t need to pay a cent to have a very good amount of good teachings.

Of course, nothing can replace the energy and power of an offline class, in a physical studio, with a teacher who knows you by your name and can teach you personally. But online yoga can also be great, and a good complement for your practice.

And you could start today.

Namaste __/\__



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