Choose Love Boot Camp 2015 – Day 2: Lotus Flowers Blossoming in Prison


I choose a social project to star the second day of the Choose Love 2015 campaign. It’s called “Flor de Lotus” (Lotus Flower, in Portuguese), and it professionalizes inmates from a Brazilian penitenciary through knitting.

That’s right, knitting. I had no idea men could knit, until I saw this project. My sister told me about it, and I was intrigued. I watched the videos and grew more and more in admiration for it.

The inmates are producing beautiful clothes, learning a new profession, diminishing the time they need to spend in prison (each three days of work equal one day less in jail), and staying away from so many dangerous situations that prisoners must face everyday in such an environment. They’re working their way out to freedom!

You can see more in this video (in English):

The Flor de Lotus project is realized by the Brazilian fashion brand Doiselles. The owner of the brand is a very delicate lady, which has no fear to enter into the penitenciary and work with the inmates.

In the end of this video [in Portuguese], she dances with her team:

I always wanted to help prisioners. I think being in jail it’s one of the worst situations one can face in life. And I admire the people who enter these places to offer hope and love for them. This faith in the human hability to rebuild, to rebirth, to recreate it’s own story just touches me. It’s so divine and humane at the same time.

These people are really choosing love everyday, no matter what. Such an inspiration!

To finish, I would like to share a message I received today, written in a lovely postcard:

“Don’t be afraid
You needn’t slay the beast or scale the entire mountain
That’s not how it’s done
You only need to move through today
Think of the distance you’ve already covered.

Focus on your strenghts
Let each new step remind you of your freedom
Let every breath you take remind you of your power
Seek out friends and guides; they’re anxious to help.

You’re not alone. You’re understood
This road has been walked before
Dance life’s dance
Just a few steps at a time
and in the wink of an eye
You will wonder to yourself
‘What beast? What mountain?
Was I having a dream?'”

TuT – The Universe 

Have a wonderful weekend.

Namaste __/\__



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