Choose Love Boot Camp 2015 – Day 1: Heart Wide Open



It’s here!

“Choose Love” Boot Camp goes 2015.

For this first day, I wanted to talk about a super wonderful online circle I’m taking part: Heart Wide Open.

Marthe Haagen, from The Freedom Experiment, created this experience with Saar Grolemann, a full year experiment for us, brave people who want to know, for real: “How can I love more, right now?”.

Everyday, we receive a sweet email with notes, exercises, rituals, cute videos, songs and much more. The Facebook group is bursting with love, and we’re going offline to send letters and gifts to each other around the world.

I’ve already received a beautiful card from Finland and the most amazing gift from California. Now I’m searching for lovely things to collect and send to the other girls in the group.


This has been a sweet and beautiful experience.

“There’s a truth much greater than fear. Listen in.”

Yes, there is! About one year ago, I created the “Choose Love” Boot Camp, inspired by the Jesse Lewis Foundation, and this changed my life. I focused on love, I’ve been choosing love since then, and it’s like a magnet attracting more juiceness to my orbit.

I hope I can inspire you to choose love too.





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