Choose Love Boot Camp 2014


Inspired by Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation, I created the Choose Love Boot Camp. The articles for 2014 are here for you to enjoy!

Will you choose love too? 😉

Day 23: Chakra’s Love

Day 22: “Bain Plaisir”

Day 21: The Healer Within

Day 20: Healers Without Borders

Day 19: Open the Heart

Day 18: Powerful Little Hearts

Day 17: You’re Loved

Day 16: Unsung Heros

Day 15: The Conditioned

Day 14: Finding Hope

Day 13: “Vero, Mamma?”

Day 12: Forgive Yourself

Day 11: Opening Your Heart

Day 10: Meditation

Day 9: Search for Meaning

Day 8: Being True

Day 7: Catch the Balls

Day 6: Create Sacred Space

Day 5: Ready for the Book

Day 4: 33 Ways to Choose Love

Day 3: Little Acts of Kindness

Day 2: Love & Faith

Day 1: Tapestry of Love


Namaste __/\__




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