You’ll Never Feel Alone Again


 B-School is very famous as a training to help you create a business online and work with what you love. I’m not an affiliate of the course, but I did B-Schol 2013 and I’ll repeat a clichet: It did changed my life for the better.

I always loved the internet. I’m part of the “transition generation” – I think internet begun to be accessible to many people in 1994/1995, when I was 14/15 years old, and I was one of those teenagers who would stay awake at night only to use the internet. Because – and if you’re under 30, you won’t know what the heck I’m talking about – we connected to the internet via the phone, and, by night, we paid much less in telephone fees.

And, sometimes, the “line was busy”, meaning you didn’t get access at all — oh, that glorious days 🙂

The situation was so terrible that, when I entered college, I used to choose an internship not only because it would be awesome to my career, but I’d also consider if they would provide me free access to broad band internet.

When I entered Journalism College, I wanted to go digital. It was the beginning of the news websites, and the biggest newspapers were creating their first websites. Everybody was all over the place, and I loved that mess.

Anyway, I’m not born in the internet, but I was certainly self-raised in it. With the wolves. And with the fairies. And the unicorns. I know how to navigate it, and I feel at home in it. I get it naturally. I learnt English because of it, because the Internet language (and the world’s!) is certainly English.

So, if you’re like me and love the “online” lifestyle, you could check B-School out. Marie Forleo, the founder of B-School, offers a lot of free stuff, so, if you don’t want to enroll (enrollment begins on February 18th), you can watch her free videos and download a very good pdf here.


Click on the image above to download the pdf! But I recommend that you first watch the videohere.

Oh, and I was forgetting: about the title of this post – “You’ll never feel alone again”. This it true. You’ll get to know a crowd of inspirational women (and some men too!) who are rocking the world with their own unique light. They shine so brigthly that you’ll feel inspired to shine too. It’s truly awesome to be part of the B-School community, and you don’t have to make any effort at all. You’ll be naturally drawn to the people who you most resonate with, so, don’t despair if, in the beginning, you feel a little “outplaced”, because you don’t have to struggle to fit. Everybody fits and we’re all welcomed in this online community. Sharing our passions with the world and with each other, we’re living our lives to the fullest, and re-designing what work means.

What work means?

I’m not “making money” with my business, but I do feel much more abundant in my life. I didn’t leave my day job, and I’m not making millions, but it has been worth it. If you don’t want to invest so much right now, I’d suggest you stay around Marie’s “orbit”. You’ll learn a lot without spending a penny.

If you do want to enroll, look for the bonuses! Many internet rockstars offer bonuses if you enroll via their link. I enrolled via Jess Ainscough links and I’ve got a bunch of beautiful bonuses. Kris Carr is also offering a lot of juicy stuff if you sign up via her affiliate link. Check it out here.


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