My Blog is Giving Me Money

I thought this day would never come, but last week, I’ve received money coming from this blog. I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m writing much more here, at least, trying to, and this is because I realized that this blog is really impacting people.

My stats don’t show much traffic to my blog. I have about 14 visits per day, with peaks (whenever I publish a new post, the stats go higher) of about 30-120/day.

When I did B-School, I thought that I would make money in a few months, blogging about my passions, creating awesome products, just being myself and sharing my journey with the world. I was inspired by other amazing women who truly succeeded doing this, and have quit their daily jobs to inspire others – and were able to support themselves finantially doing this!

Then, after launching my first product, the sales didn’t came – in a day, a month, two months, you get the picture. I started to understand that the path would be much more complicated than I thought. I had to pay my bills, so, I decided to invest much more in my “normal” work as a freelancer Journalist and Translator and I forgot about making money with this blog.

I know it sounds rude, but I did have the intention to earn money blogging, and creating programs and eBooks (and paper books) just around my path and my journey.

Money has been something important to me at all times, but lately, I’ve been doing The Healing Experiment, with Amanda Aitken, and I’ve been really very emotional and excited and pumped about it.

So much is coming to me, and I don’t feel able to express all that. I think Amanda is very inspiring, and she sparks all this creativity in myself too 🙂 I love her work and always get a lot from following her.

The Experiment is somehow “closed”. I mean, the Facebook groups seem to be closed, but the lessons can be downloaded at any time, as I’m doing now. I did some research on my mail box and this program was launched in July 2014, and relaunched a couple of weeks later, in August 2014. So, I’m kind of “late”, and no doubt I’ve lost the momentum of this program, and would love to have participated in the conversations in the Facebook group. I imagine how it must have been enriching. But I’m doing the program by myself and it has been amazing for me anyway.

I think it’s the right time for me, you know? I think now I’m ready for this program, so, I’m not that worried that I lost the launching time and all that.

The program is really an experiment, so, it’s very short (one week) and has no frills. We receive daily emails with audios, pdf files and other links, and the whole experience feels very “handmade” and cozy. I’ve been loving it.

I’m still at Day 5, but already feels some shifts (and unexpected money coming in, and I do feel more calm about finances). We’ve been by uncovering our deep, ingrained, unconscious beliefs about money. Then, we work on self-love, on the concepts we hold about money, about ourselves, about our perceived abilities to attract, handle and manage money, and so on.

Amanda is so honest and shares so much with us. She shares even her own struggles, in a very generous, brave way, and this is so inspiring and makes me want to be very honest in my own process too.

The Day 5 audio was all about debt, and as it’s an issue that can bring about a lot of pain, Amanda recorded the message outdoors, and she describes a little bit of the landscape and the weather, and we can listen to the birds singing while we hear the whole recording. It’s very good to feel the support of nature to help us deal with such a difficult topic.

I never had too much debt. My parents – like many parents – always told me the worst thing in the world is to own money to the banks, so, I kind of link bank loans to a ticket to hell. I’m very conscious about what I spend, but nonetheless, I do have debts of my credit cards and every month there’s struggle to pay them in full.

So, I’m really happy to be part of this Money Healing Experiment and think I’m already seeing the benefits.

I received a comission, because I’m one of the Ambassadors of Belinda’s School of the Modern Mystic. A lovely reader enrolled via my link last September and I received my comission (a very generous one) from Belinda this week.

For you to have an idea about how I am lacking self-love in money area, when I saw the PayPal email – “You’ve received a payment” – my first reaction was: “How come? No, this money is not mine. This is a mistake. I’m turning it back”. And I really had to confirm that someone had really enrolled via my link, because I could not believe it. Why me? I didn’t work so hard, I don’t deserve this money.

Deep breath.

It took me some time to accept the money. And to say thank you for it.

I don’t know if my lovely reader is reading this, but thank you! I hope you have an amazing path during your training to be a healer, and I hope we can meet one day.

So, this post is really messy, but I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be investing more time and energy and love and all it takes in this blog again, I hope. I know it has been impacting people’s lives in misterious ways (misterious to me!) and I feel I want to make it even more wonderful.

I changed the visuals. The pictures and stuff. I miss the beachy feel, but I also love my new flowery pictures.




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