Healing Meditations to Do in Savasana



Savasana is a beautiful pose that goes beyond just laying down. It teaches us about deep relaxation, about recovering, about bliss, about life and death, about our limits in our daily practice, connecton to the Earth and so much more.

There are some meditations I love doing during savasana, or, simply, laying down comfortably. I usually do these on a comfortable surface, with pillows under my head and knees. If you have an eye-pillow, it’s even better. The point is to get as comfortable as possible, and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Here are two meditations I’ve been doing daily:

1. Deep Meditation for Healing, by Anita Moorjani. Available at Audible for U$ 9.98

This is a wonderful meditation for anyone, not only those who seek healing. It talks about our magnificent essence and literally makes me feel floating over the clouds. I just love it and listen to it everyday just for the fun 🙂 It’s a very pleasurable meditation, that can deeply relax us. I suggest you read Anita’s book too, Dying to Be Me, so that this meditation can be an even more profound experience to you.

2. Tuning Your Chakras, by Edgar Cayce. Available at Audible for U$ 3.95

Edgar Cayce is a reference in the healing world. He had incredible psychic abilities, and is very well known and respected in this field. I’ve never read any book from him, but do enjoy this meditation. It’s short (about 30 minutes), and has afirmations and visualizations to balance each of our major 7 chakras. It helps me sleep better too.

I’m always looking for new meditations and visualizations techniques that can help me live life to the fullest, become more centred and healthy. If you have any suggestion, please add them in the comments!

Namaste __/\__




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