Healing my Relationship with Money


I have a rather unstable relationship with money, and I’ve been trying to heal it for a long time. Now, I think I’m getting closer to it, and I’m excited about!

I’ve found some specialists about money and healing, and have started to work with their teachings, but I don’t know why, I always stop in the middle (or beginning) of the programs.

Now, I’ve found a Money Healing program run by one of my favorite people, Amanda Aitken, who I’ve got to know by the time I did B-School and I really resonate with everything she does.

Amanda is so amazing, inspiring and adventurous. She is also very humble and friendly.

Our first assignment was to write what is our intention for the program. Mine is to have a healthy and comfortable relationship with money. I already do what I love, now, I want to be well paid for it.

Usually, I feel underpaid for my work. I love my clients, but I feel I’m not using my full potential to get my finantial independence.

“Money is Energy”, says Amanda during the first class and it’s such a freeing and empowerment statement. I love energy and feel I can relate better with money by knowing it is, after all, only a type of energy too.

If you want to check it out: The Money Healing Experiment



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