Running for Life


Picture: Pinterest

Yes, I knew this day would come. I started running!

The reasons for it are basically two:

1. I’m about 10 kg heavier than my normal weight

2. A friend of mine runned the Patagonian Marathon last year and just got me inspired.

I’m good at walking and running, and I like to run in the gym, in a treadmill, but my anxiety makes me dread the gym, and running in nature never occurred to me as something more interesting to do – and it is!.

I’ve been running along the beach, and it gives you such a freedom feeling.

During this beginning phase, I’m running 300 meters, then, I walk for 400 meters, and run again for 300 meters, and so on. In a month of training, I’m already running 1,5 km this way.

My goal is to keep up until I reach the 10k – I know it’s a long path, but I’m already addicted to it and know I can do it.

In June, I’d like to run the Half-Marathon of Florianópolis, a city in the South region of Brazil (its nickname is “Floripa”).

I love Florianópolis. Actually, I would love to live there, and I think this is going to be an awesome experience for me. And a preparation for the Patagonian Marathon, which I believe is amazing. And life-changing.

Floripa is an island, so, it has pretty beaches and views:


Picture: Rodrigo Soldon/Flickr

It does look like my hometown, but the weather is milder (because it’s in the South), and the city has much less violence and social problems. I was hoping for stunning views, to make beautiful pictures, but in June, we have the rainy season, so, I think it’ll probably look much more like this:


Source of the picture

Which is also ok, of course. I think the rainy day will even be good to me, because running under the brave Brazil’s sun can be too much.

I’ve been training for about 3 weeks. Last weekend, I tried to run during the morning, and since we’re in the Summer, I almost killed myself afterwards (my blood pressure increased so much I’ve got a headache and felt like having a stroke). So, during summer, I’m only running in the late afternoon or in the evening.

I’m also addicted to looking for new  running shoes. And for new songs for my playlist.

The kit to the Floripa’s Run is about U$ 80 and it already comes with a medal 😀

The Patagonian Marathon is held in September, in Chile. It raises awareness about an ecological project to preserve the region. I’m crazy to go, because we can run in the Torres del Paine reserve. Some pictures:

patagonina_marathon patagonina_marathon2 patagonina_marathon3 patagonina_marathon4 patagonina_marathon5 patagonina_marathon6 patagonina_marathon7 patagonina_marathon8 patagonina_marathon9

(Source: PatagonianMarathon)

It’s to die for, isn’t it? But my main problem to get there is money. It’s more than 20 hours of traveling, and it involves airplanes, buses, cars… and a lot of money. I’ll have to wait some more time 😦

Meanwhile, I’m getting stronger.

And running and yoga can complement each other, which is great.

Do you run too? I’d love to know!

Namaste __/\__






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