End of Group Therapy for OCD

anxietyMy group therapy for OCD ended in December, and I do feel a little orphan because I won’t have the support of our group and therapists, but I’m also happy because I took the decision to do the cognitive-behavioural therapy and the experience to do group therapy (for the first time!) was also very rewarding.

If you follow this blog for a while, maybe you know that I tried to “heal” myself naturally from anxiety and depression, with healthy diet, yoga, meditation and energy healing, but last february I had a huge crisis and needed to seek traditional treatment too.

I didn’t stop practicing yoga, meditation, energy healing and having a healthier diet, quite the contrary, but I’ve also added the help of traditional psychiatry and psychology to my “healing palette”.

And I don’t regret. I could understand better the cognitive-behavioural therapy, and also counted with the support of other OCD patients, and the whole experience was rewarding and did helped me to deal better with my anxiety and better understand myself and others.

This is a picture of part of my group:

toc_ocdOCD is very complex, and our group was very diverse. It was good, because we could confront the beliefs of each other and one helped the other.

If you would like to know more about OCD, you could begin by these sources:

OCD Foundation

Being Me with OCD, by Alison Dotson

The Imp of the Mind, by Lee Baer

Life in Rewind, book that tells the amazing story of Ed Zine and his doctor, Michael Jenike

And you can always make questions about it in the comments below, I’ll be more than happy to answer 🙂

OCD is not an easy ride, and the world lacks awareness about it. I hope for a bright future where we can understand it more easily and patients can find help before their symptoms get really bad.

I was in Pinterest looking for images about OCD and found some really funny ones, I’d like to share with you. I think some of them just “OCD people” will get, but we all have our own anxieties and can relate, for sure. There you go:

car_seat_beltAnd no matter how much time it takes, you need to fix it 🙂

kitKatThis one gives me the creepies.

penguinWhat if? But… what if?

It’s said OCD is the disease of fear, of doubt, of shame, of isolation. It’s just a disease, and we’re greater than it.

Namaste __/\__


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