Blue Love


I recently traveled with my family and my first gruesome impressions vanished after the second day I was in the city. With more time to discover the wonders of thie adorable place at my own pace (almost), I could really feel the beauty and the goodness there was to be enjoyed 🙂

The city is blessed with flowers. Many, many flowers. I went there to see the Christmas party and I didn’t realize it’s spring here in Brazil. The city was bursting with flowers of every kind.

flores1 flores2 flores3

I was specially in love with this little blue flower, called “hortensia” or “French hydrangea”. It’s really the Trademark of this city and I loved, loved, loved it! It reminded me of blue flower clouds:


Of course i took as many pictures as I could, and there were many other beautiful flowers that got unnoticed, only because I needed more time there!

The first impressions I’ve got about the place vanished. People there are warm, treated me wonderfully well and everything was magical, perfect.

I felt more than blessed.


All this blue was like a nature’s healing and strenghtening to my chakra 5, for sure.


A little gallery with pictures (more to come soon):

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