São Paulo: Art and Healing


I went to São Paulo to have a healing session and enjoyed my three days in the city as I could. I went to the Pinacoteca, an art gallery in an old buildng right in downtown.


There was an expo with Ron Mueck, hyperrealist sculptor from Australia. I don’t know if it was too early and they’re still designing the expo, but I’ve only seen one scupulture of him, the one above 😦

WP_20141119_003However, the Pinacoteca has sculptures and pantings of many other artists, including Rodin and Tarsila do Amaral, amongst many others.

InstagramCapture_1144d623-a1a3-4331-8899-7d5dd85dd6ef WP_20141119_008 WP_20141119_006 WP_20141119_002

I love São Paulo. It’s a huge city, but I feel welcomed there (maybe because it doesn’t really welcome anyone). It’s also where “things happen”, i.e., if you want to really progress in your career, be succesfull in anything, you’d better go to SP, even if just for a while.



This painting, “Caipira picando fumo”, by Almeida Junior, is one of the most famous in Brazil, and I remember seeing it in my school books when I was a child. It’s good to finally see it live!

Unfortunaly, I didn’t take more pictures of the city itself, also because I didn’t have much time to walk around. Ive made a nice video of the subway during rush time, but can’t transfer it to my PC. I’ll keep trying.

I stayed at the Ibis Hotel, right by the side of Congonhas Airport (about 10 minutes by foot), as a suggestion of my sister, who loves the Ibis hotels a lot – and it’s really good, and not expansive at all. The room is large, the staff is very nice and the breakfast is cheap and delicious. And they allow you to bring it to the room.



People say “There is no love in São Paulo”, and that people there are careless. It’s not true, or, at least, this is not my personal experience of this city. I’ve been there many times, I’ve lived there for about a month in 2011, and people are always really kind with me.

During my last trip I got totally lost near the Paulista Avenue, and asked for information to a taxi driver. He gave me the information and warned me it was too far away to go by foot. It was. Some minutes later, I saw him calling me from his car: “Come, I’ll drive you there, I have a client waiting for me nearby”. And he drove me for free and with a lot of caring for many blocks 🙂 If it wasn’t for him, I think I’d have lost my healing appointment, or would have arrived really late.

Of course, it is a big city. I was walking in downtown for about 5 minutes and saw a young man being arrested right by my side. It’s a very sad scene to see and got me teary eyes. You can also see a lot of homeless people at the streets, and traffic is also insane, as in many main cities around the world.

But there is a vibe about SP that I simply love.

This is a gallery with all pics I took during the trip:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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