Traveling with Family


I’ve been traveling with part of my family and we’re visiting a beautiful region in the South of Brazil. It’s actually in Rio Grande do Sul, the last Brazilian State in the south, very close to Argentina and Uruguay.

We’re are in a small and enchanting city called “Gramado” which organizes one wonderful Christmas season. Everything here is around the Holidays, what is a bit crazy but at the same time, magical. It transports you to another dimension, one where there is no sorrow or difficulties. In many ways, it feels like another world to me.

Not that I live in a war zone or something, but, my home town has such a different daily reality. Here, there is no violence, no bars in the house’s windows, you can walk in the streets at day or night without any fear. Everyone is pretty, has money (however little, as myself), there are no beggars, no slums, no garbage in the streets … like a fairy tale or a — I’ll be unpleasant — like an inhuman place.

Maybe people here are more evolved than myself, but I don’t feel like that I “fit in”. Maybe I have a deep, ingrained lack of self-steem, but many times I walk in the streets fearing I’m not pretty enough, well dressed enough or just … not enough!

Oh dear.



But anyway, apart of my complicated existencial issues, there are beautiful experiences to live here. Maybe I’m just too rusty in my traveling practices – I am! – and feeling uncomfortable with the cultural differences. I need to travel more and more often then 🙂

The picture above for example, was one of my favorite places to be in. It is the “Black Lake”, which has this name because the trees in the margins came from the Black Forest, in Germany. The South region of Brazil has a lot of German, Italian and other european influences.



As I said before, everything here is about Christmas. It’s like a huge Santa village, with sophisticated touchs (like jazz playing in front of the main church, together with a whole litghtening system over the apostoles).

There is also a beautiful waterfall close by, the Caracol:


I tried to descend all the 730 steps that lead to the base of the waterfall and could only handle about 630 steps. I had to climb back up in less than 20 minutes in order to not to be late for the tour bus, and arrived 10 minutes late bothering everyone in the bus, including my family (not a good idea, for sure).

Traveling with my family has been hard to all, and very different of what I thought it would be. Our relationship issues are popping up specially because we’re tired, squeezed in a small cottage (small, but cute), and also because my baby niece got an infection, driving my sister crazy and very sad. After a trip to the only local hospital and a lot of crying, she’s starting to get better.

My anxiety issues are also posing me and my family problems, of course, and all that together has been hard to handle. I’ve been trying to meditate and do my daily exercices to clean and strenghten my chakras, and to have some space and privacy to do that, have been waking up by 5 am.

But when we are outside, seeing all this beauty together, things get much better, and I feel grateful for this opportunity. With all the issues, it’s my family and I’m grateful to be together. After all, it’s Christmas!



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