Cultivate Gratitude: Appreciation Station


There is a lovely project that I believe has the power to change lives going on right now. It is the Appreciation Station, created to help us develop more gratitude in our daily thoughts.

According to the founder of the project:

“I decided that in 2013, Instead of making new years resolutions, I would spend the year living more in the moment and being grateful.

I committed to writing down one thing each day that I appreciated. In order to stick to this commitment, I created my very first Appreciation Station to collect these moments of gratitude.

The impact of this habit was profound. My physical and mental health had transformed and I felt calmer and truly happy.

On New Years Eve 2013, instead of feeling frustrated and disappointed, I felt happy, proud, loved, and ‘on track’ with life. What an amazing difference!

I hope you also experience that same joy when you read all the notes in your very own Appreciation Station”.

They have a crowdfunding campaign right now (check it ou here).


As they still dont send the Stations to Brazil, I created my own, and have been collecting my gratitude posts since 🙂


What are you grateful for today?

Read more about the project here.


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