Healing the Life


I remember that during my first healings, back in 2011, my healer sent me an email describing the issues she saw in my energy field, and closed the message with this sentence:

“All this can heal, and life starts to vibrate again in harmony with the innate wisdom of the body”

Back then, I was so desperate for healing, all I could think about was: “How long will this take? What can I do to make it go faster?”

Well, I dont know if there was more that I could do, but now, about three years later, I finally feel like healing.

Life is blossoming again, like if there was a dry land, and it rained, and rained, and now, the fertile soil is bursting with life. Well, “bursting” is not the right word, “shyly recovering” would be more accurate, but I thought it would be poetic.

The point is, having depression and OCD (and any other mental/emotional disease, I think), can be very limiting, because you feel powerless. You cannot make plans, have goals, nurture dreams. You cannot commit to a new job, to a new course, to a new person or relationship, because you dont know if your mind or emotions will fail you (and they usually do, when you are ill).

So, you become like dead, in a living body, in my opinion. And it takes a lot of faith to keep hope in such a situation.

However, I think one of the most beautiful things of having a mental dis-ease (here I am being poetic again — there is nothing beautiful in disease) is that when you heal you get a sense of how healing is holographic. How it encompasses your whole life, at once. I dont know if people who heal from physical diseases, like cancer, have this feeling too, but when I experience my healing it is like a healing of my entire life. I see my career finally expanding, I find myself developing strategies to cool challenges, I am earning more money, people are popping up in my life again, like flowers. And every area of my life, with its own textures and colors and sounds, is “healing” inside and around me. And that makes me understand a little better about what it means to say that “life is holographic” or that “everythig is connected”.

What about you? How do you experience healing? I would love to know 🙂


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