Our Energetic Bodies


I’ve been studying the book Hands of Light and it occured to me that many of us don’t know our energetic bodies. We think that we only have the physical one, because it’s the physical body that we can see, feel, touch. But we have at least seven other bodies, or layers, composed of matter of different vibrational levels, what allows them all to be in the same space.

So, I took some pictures of my book (I hope this is not ilegal) and am publishing here.

This is how the normal aura looks like:


Beautiful, isn’t it? So shiny and colorful. Our physical bodies are stunning, but our energetic ones must be so awesome to see (I can’t see them though. I’m fully trusting people who can, and share their impressions).

This is the etheric body (blue) and the emotional body (multicolored). The first one is the more connected to our physical body, and the second one shows the flow of our emotions. If you’re feeling anger, it appears here. If you feel love, it appears here too.


The circles you see are the chakras. Each one is connected to a layer, or energetic body, in the aura. So, the first chakra is cnnected to the etheric body (1st layer of the aura), the second chakra is connected to the emotional body (2ond layer) and so on. We usually study our seven major chakras, but there are more than that. We are huge!


This picture doens’t make justice, because these bodies are beautiful, but seem pale here. The yellow one is the mental body, or the 3rd layer of the human aura. Our thoughts appear here. It’s very connected to our emotions and nervous system. In fact, our three first bodies connect us to physical reality. When our physical body dies, the three inferior energetic bodies (etheric, emotional and mental) “die” too, because they desintegrate. They dissolve. The mental body is also connected to our solar plexus, the third chakra.

The multicolored body in the right is the astral level, or 4th layer. It’s connected to the heart. It’s a misterious layer to me. Our feelings for other people and relationships appear here, in this layer. It’s also considered to be a bridge between the physical (the 3 first layers) and the spiritual (the higher layers). It’s said that the energy flows from Earth to Heaven and vice-versa, and in both cases, it must pass through the fire of the heart. Misterious, to say the least.


I find this illustration so powerful! This is our 5th layer, connected to the throat chakra, and a template for the etheric body. That’s the level of spiritual surgery.


The 6th layer is the celestial body. It’s composed of multiple rays of colorful, bright light, and expresses our higher feelins, like unconditional love (for humanity); it’s connected to the 3rd eye, and meditation helps this layer to heal and become strong. The golden “egg” is our 7th layer, connected to the crown chakra, or 7th chakra. It holds and integrates all the other layers, and connects us to our higher purposes in our existence as sensient, spiritual beings.

Sometimes, we can feel our energetic bodies, for example, when we experience pleasurable feelings, like love or tenderness, and we feel we are bigger, lighter — we’re experienceing our higher bodies. When we’re lecturing or talking about our favorit topic, we also feel expansive, like glowing or pulsating — we’re feeling our mental body. When we watch a beautiful sunset, and feel touched by nature’s beauty and magnificence, we’re feeling our overall energetic system, and vibrating in a way that resonates with Earth itself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little explanation with pictures about our energetic bodies. I love them too much!!

Namaste __/\__


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