Saying goodbye to Iyengar


This is a post I never wanted to write.

But here I am, writing about the death of Iyengar, one of the greatest yoga teachers we’ve ever had.

And altough he was 96 years old, and although human beings are not immortal, and altough we in the yoga world are all the time learning that life is eternal, and that our physical life is short and not all there is, when death comes, it hurts.

And it hurted so much when he died, that I could not write.

But I’m writing now. Iyengar is everywhere in my practice, inspiring me, teaching me, he is a true guru, in the sense that he enlightens the path of his students. He makes it easier for us.

His book, Light on Yoga, changed my practice forever, and taught me about the Eight Limbs, and because of it I’ve stopped eating red meat, more than two years ago.

And because of him, I’ve started to practice Sun Salutations daily too, and Pranayama.


And even if it hurts so much, I know he is in Paradise (Samadhi), teaching yoga there too. And to honor him, I keep practicing, and the light of yoga that he helped to lighten in me will keep shining (it’ll never dim!) and will keep enlightening others too.

To a true guru that I’ll forever cherish and respect.

Much Love.

Namaste __/\__


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