Healthy Breakfast

papaya_breakfastTo start a day with a tasty and healthy breakfast is a way of loving myself, so I love to prepare myself a tray with different things I like, and get creative whenever possible.

I’ve been translating many, many recipes lately (like in, many), and I don’t complain, because I love food and translating recipes, and in one of them, I read a really nice tip: using honey to give taste to yogurt and use it as a sauce.

I’ve seen it somewhere before, but had forget it without even trying it, so, this week, I decided to see how it could make my breakfast healthier and more interesting.

I’ve got a small papaya, took out the seeds and skin, and  scooped it on a plate. Then, I’ve put yogurt in a bowl, added the honey, blended both and used to cover the papaya.


I’ve finisehd it with oats. It’s easy, quick and super tasty. You can use bananas, strawberry, chocolate chips and what else you love to make it even better.

Keep loving yourself and eating well 🙂

Namaste __/\__


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