A New Paradigm


I’ve been really studying the book Hands of Light, by Barbara Brennan, and planning to study at BBSH (Barbara Brennan School of Healing). It’s a dream to me, since I was a teenager, and now I just want to do what I most want, my true longing, as Barbara says.

“Everybody is born with a life task. After you’ve gone through a certain amount os self-evolution, then automatically your gifts start flowing out of you. How do you know what your task is? It’s easy. The thing you want to do more than anything in the world, the thing you’ve been telling yourself you’re not good enaough to do. It’s in the chest, and you can actually feel the ache in the upper chest area above the heart, in the middle above the heart. That is what I call the spiritual longing.

So if you have said, ‘If only I could learn how to do…’ instead say, ‘What do I long to do?’ And that is your path of healing. If it means being a teacher or a mathematician or a bus driver, then that’s what it is. It’s whatever you want to do. And that will also lead you on the path of transformation, transcendence and transfiguration. It’s automatic. And that’s what life is about. Coming in and learning your lesson. My second book, ‘Light Emerging’, addresses exactly these topics”. ~Barbara Brennan

And I long for being a healer.

In this book, I was presented to a “new paradigm”, a new wat to see things, the world, and being human. A new paradigm for the human being in health, relationship and disease.

According to the old paradigm, we’re just our physical bodies. The new paradigm says we are much more than our physical bodies, and that we are composed of energetic bodies that cannot be perceived by our five normal senses. We also have our intention level, or Hara Line, and also our Core Star.

Health — Health is much more than physical, it’s the organic and natural fulfilling of our deepest longings.

Relationships — We are all One, interconnected. We’re evolving to relationships in which we can’t hide our personal realities to each other.

Disease — Disease is seen as a teacher, a message from our deepest selves.

Healing is coming back in touch to our Essence, which is Divine.

I’m loving this Path.

Namaste __/\__

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