What is Healing to Me?

For me, Healing is the purpose of my life, the reason I came, the reason I am here.

It’s not only the knowledge about it that interests me. With Healing, I feel at home.

“It’s not only the destination,

but the way you travel.”

Hardships along the way — I’ve created them myself!

I’m not the only person to experience hardships in fulfilling my dreams, my life’s purpose. I’m not the only person to make mistakes, to take detours, to feel lost sometimes (so many times).

Joseph Peirce Farrell tells in his book “Manifesting Michelangelo” that, for many years he worked in the Real State market, in an unfulfilling job that was depressing him.

He decided to fulfill his dreams, and in the beginning, it was no fairy tale. He was lacking money, started working recovering wood antiques, in a simple workshop, as an artist/carpenter. He wanted to work with Health Care.

If he could do it, why can’t I? Why can’t you? Why can’t we all, together?

I’m not the only person to struggle to find purpose and happiness.

Many times, only to be there, to listen to another person is healing. To create a safe, loving space to listen without judgement.

There are healings that can be done in groups, like in Family Constellations and in Group Thearpy.

And life is Healing. We have an inbuilt healing system.

I remember one case study Barbara Brennan quotes in her book “Hands of Light“: a young woman who wanted to have children, but the doctors said she had to take out her womb.

She when to a healing session, was told to take a month off. She healed herself, passing one month taking care of the children of a friend, following a specific diet and practicing some specific meditations and exercises. Soon afterwards, she wass pregnant.

I find it so… beautiful!

Life is directed towards healing. This is valid to all of us.

So, why some of us don’t heal? Why sometimes the miracle, the magic, just doesn’t happen?

Or why, for some of us, it’s so damn hard?

Almost impossible.

I don’t like this word “deserving”. Some of us don’t deserve to be healed?

I think we all do.

So, what happens?

Maybe the opportunity comes, but we can’t absorb the Healing.

I remember that once I tried to save seven newborn kittens. I tried to feed them with diluted cow milk, but they were too young and could not drink. They also lacked the warmth of their mother. So, all of them died.

Sometimes, I feel like these kittens. Being helped, but I can’t grasp it. It’s not anyone’s fault.

I think maybe I just need to come back home, to be, to feel at home again. This is important.

This is Healing to me.

Namaste __/\__


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