New Books on Healing!

ImagemI finally bought home my new Hands of Light book, by Barbara Brennan. The first time I read this book I was 16 years old, and it totally changed my life for good. It presented me to a whole new world, a new perspective, a new way to perceive life and to live. Now, almost 20 years later, I finally “came back” to it, and now I have a paper and kindle edition, and also an audio book. Phew!

The book is one of the best about energy healing that I’ve ever saw. It has gorgeous illustrations too, exercises, meditations and a wealth of information and wisdow. A must-read and a must-have if you love healing!


I love these illustrations above. The left one shows our 5th level, and in the right we can see the celestial body and the ketheric body.


I also bought this book about chakras and crystals, and it comes with seven little crystals, one for each chakra of our bodies. They’ll spend the night soaked in pure water, so that I can purify them and start to use them in self-healing:

ImagemI have no experience using crystals, but I’m eager to learn, and I’ll post here how it goes. So far, I’m enjoying a lot to get to know each of them, and to feel their effect over my energy field.

I’ve also bought a pendulum, to read the cahkras, and it’s arriving soon. I’ve bought a beechwood one, because Barbara Brennan recommends it.

Do you have a pendulum and/or crystals? I’d love to hear other experiences about it!



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