My First Healing Workshop

This weekend, I am going to my first Healing Workshop, “Hands of Light”, with a teacher who trained in the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH), and teaches here in Brazil. This is a dream coming true for me, because my whole life I wanted to study healing at the BBSH or, at least, to have a healing session with Barbara, but I had no money to either.

So, this opportunity is unique to me, and the city where the workshop is happenning is fairly close to my city, so, I was dreaming about coming, but kind of hopeless because of the lack of money.

Then, I received an email by my credit card bonus program, telling me to change my points for a prize until august, or I would loose the points. Then, I visited the website thinking about picking up a book or a toaster and saw that I had enough points to more than half of the airplane ticket! I considered it to be a sign of the Universe for me to come, so, I asked for some help to my parents, and here I am.

It is an introductory course, just about two days, therefore I am not becoming a healer in this weekend. But I am eager to learn what I can in this course. I am also rereading “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging” and practicing again the exercises she suggests in the book to open and energize the chakras.

I remember that the time of my life I used to practice these exercises daily and wholeheartedly was also the best period of my life. I used to feel centered, safe, loved, peaceful and confident. By then I didnt notice, but now I understand that my life was flowing because I was taking really a good care of my chakras and energy field.

There are many ways of doing it. But in this book there are exercises very well explained and accurate for anyone who wants a healthier energy system, and thus, a healthier life.

Here is an excerpt of Hands of Light that I find specially uplifting.  It is a message from Barbara´s spiritual guide, Heyoan:

“Above all, love and honor yourselves as we honor you. After all we are in the presence of the Divine when we are with you. You are fully held in the arms of God and loved. Know this, and you shall be home free:’ When you understand that life is experienced  as· a pulsation, you expand and feel joyous, you move into the silence of peace, and then you contract.

Many people experience that contraction as negative. Many of you will experience wonderous joy, like being in the company of angels during a workshop, or a healing. So will the patient. But remember, by the very nature of the expanded high energy state, you will later contract, and feel more of the separated consciousness that is inside of you. The sheer force and intensity of the spiritual energy knocks loose and begins to enlighten the stagnated dark soul substance. As it comes back to life again, you experience it as real. All of its pain, anger, and agony. You may say to yourself. “Why now I’m worse than I was before I started:’ Let me assure you that this not true. You are more sensitive. After experiencing these ups and downs, these expansions and contractions many times for each personal issue, you will find that they do clear away. Months later you will say, “Wow! I don’t do that any more:’ And you will weep with joy, just as you did the first several times you came back into and experienced the light. Remember, patience is the word of faith”.

I used to deeply study this book, taking notes and highlighting the parts I found more important, which were many. Unfortunately, this first book of mine (actually, it was my mothers), is lost. But I always remembered this quote: “Patience is the word of faith”, because it is the last sentence of the book and I find it very beautiful and empowering.

Wishing you a healing weekend too.


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