In the Bookstore

I love books. Whenever I’m feeling low, I know where to go to cheer me up: a mega bookstore.

Thankfully, my city gained about 3 mega book stores in the last years, so I can loose myself there and leave feeling refreshed, renewed, happy.

I love my Kindle, but nothing digital can give you the energy of the paper books, with its covers, colors, smells. So, I am saving money to pack my library of healing books, and those are awesome:


The first book about healing that I read, this is a wonderful gate to this world.

Hands of Light is packed with rich knowledge, and full of powerful exercises and meditations, as well as with information, case studies and much more. A must read for everybody who wants to be a healer or to self-heal. I LOVE this book!


Light Emerging is the second book from Barbara Brennan, and is also amazing. It is centered in self-healing, with a step by step method to help you heal naturally and in partnership with tradicional doctors or other health practioners, including those of alternative healing.


Yes, I know. Everyone talks about this book and you’ve heard enough. Me too. But I gave You Can Heal Your Life a try and it’s an enriching, valuable, beautiful book. A must read, specially if you are still reluctant about self-love.

I also fell in love with a book about crystals and chakras, that included a set of crystals, but I don’t know the names of the author. As soon as I buy it, I’ll post about it here.

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