Choose Love Boot Camp 2014 — Day 19: Open the Heart


I read a wonderful book called “Manifesting Michelangelo”, by Joseph Pierce Farrell, and am impressed with his story and work. One of the most impressive parts of the book to me was this one, where he explains how he connects to the Source (God, the Universe, or how you wish to name it):

“Conection is not a mental act; it is an act of surrender and of will, an invitation to the Divine to work through you. (…) I like to connect to, or, as some say, commune with the Divine closeted in the quiet of a small room, where I can limit external stimuli and cultivate the inner senses that allow us to get in touch with the Presence. At this point it is always good to forgive and let go of any resentment you may feel toward any person, institution, or circumstance that you belive has hurt or limited you. A heart occupied with hate and lower intentions cannot serve as a conduit for the Divine. Just as laughter cannot exist when anger is present, or light cannot exist where there is darkness, the Divine will not exist in a heart that is hardened or possessed by anger”.

Auch. I had to put the book aside for a while to put myself together again. This went straight into my heart, which was loaded. I’m working through to release resentment, anger, heavy loads.


The book is highly recommended.

I’ve been practicing a meditation to open my heart by Tony Samara, and he is also offering a Satsang (coincidentally) with the title “Open your Heart“, between May 19 – June 17.

Satsangs are daily spiritual messages that feel like meditations. It’s wonderful to begin your day with them, and you can listen again to the recordings any time you want.

We have many resources to open our hearts and keep it light and pure, so, let’s work 🙂




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