Choose Love Boot Camp 2014 — Day 18: Powerful Little Hearts


I was so happy this week when I realized there was a heart  in my hot chocolat. It was so spontaneous and made me laugh.

I know it’s just a heart, but it’s a symbol of so many good things. I like to think that I have “manifested” it with my psychich superpowers.

It also reminds me people I love, and also this boot camp.

I remembered SoMM, and our efforts to highten our vibrations, become healers, mystics, and to manifest a magnificent life.

I remembered my sisters at the Red Tent, symbolized by a red heart in my altar:


I remembered my girlfriends from school, who are still with me 20 years later (I have a picture of them in my board, and the magnets I use to attach it are two little red hearts).

Everything connected by the power of a simple little heart. How powerful it can be?

I’ve been seeing little hearts everywhere since a few months ago. We usually are so afraid about the influence of negative energies in our lives, but positive energy is also highly contagious!

You just have to start and create space for it to flow, I suppose.

Have a beautiful weekend ❤



2 thoughts on “Choose Love Boot Camp 2014 — Day 18: Powerful Little Hearts

  1. I’m going to write in english ’cause I wanna be fancy for one moment! (hahaha) I love this post, and you’re right, everything is connected with a simple heart! And if you look more around you, you will see there are many hearts by your side. <- Não sei se essas coisas ai que eu escrevi estão certas, só sei que adorei esse post, porque se nós vemos um pequeno coração bem na nossa frente nós passamos a ver em todo lugar, porque será?? – Clarice

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