Choose Love Boot Camp 2014 — Day 14: Finding Hope




A few days ago, one of the keywords that appeared to be driving people to my website was “fear the floor will colapse”. Strange as it may seem, this is a fairly common fear, specially if you suffer with OCD — Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Nobody wants the stigma of a mental illness, but it’s hard to overcome OCD without diagnose, support and treatment.

I’ve created a new page called Resources about OCD, and will be adding more information, book, videos and links often.

One of the more valuable resources are books. I’ve just finished “Life in Rewind — The Story of a Young Courageous Man Who Persevered Over OCD and the Harvard Doctor Who Broke All the Rules to Help Him”.

The book tells the story of Ed Zine, you can watch it here, and his amazing relationship with Dr. Michael Jenike.

Ed was by far the most severe case of OCD I’ve ever seen, although I’m not a doctor, or a specialist, I’ve seen more cases than the average person, because I was diagnosed with OCD in 2011, and although I’m not yet certain about my diagnosis, I went to a few (very few) support group sessions and have read about it in articles and a couple of books.

Ed was in such a deteriorated state that even to read his story is hard. But he won the war. It’s beautiful when he meets his wife, and decides to fight even more his illness because of her. He had a complicated case of hoarding too, and the day he decides to throw away his stuff, that’s how it’s described in the book:

“In that moment, Ed chose love, and Mayada, over the OCD that was always just one step behind him, trying to stand in his way. When the garbage bag was filled, he tied it in a knot, walked outside into the sunshine, and kicked the remnants of his old life to the curb”.

The book is a must read for all those who suffer with OCD, be it a patient, a parent or a therapist. Altough not easy to read and digest, it’s an inspiring story that is also full of compassion and a proof of the strenght and power of the human spirit.

And a proof that love is what drives us, not OCD, not our minds, nothing else, after all.



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