Choose Love Boot Camp 2014 — Day 12: Forgive Yourself



It’s said that we forgive others for the sake of ourselves, not for them.

When we forgive, we can move on with a hightened state of consciousness, we can cultivate feelings of love, understanding, trust, expansion.

But when it comes to forgive ourselves, things get a little trickier. However, it is possible.

Just be honest: do you think that the struggles you’re facing in life are a result of other people’s actions or basically, are a result of your own choices, specially the unconscious ones?

I’m not saying so to judge you, but to just talk about this topic, which I think is very important.

What is it, to really love myself? What is love, after all? Is it to be always laughing, or to make extra efforts to succed and excel? Or is it just embrace your self as a whole, and BE?

Is it to be resilient? To understand that we can’t get everything we want in life, exactly the way we want, but it’s worth it to trust that — no matter what — we’re loved, treasured, supported by the infinite and loving energy that created us all?

Self-love is also loving life, loving the Earth, loving the human mind, that controls so much, and can create pain, suffering, but also can create wonder, comfort, joy.

It is to trust the evolution process, inner and outer us.

To love myself is also to love others, who love me also. It’s also to be happy for them, and to be happy because by existing, and only by being well and happy myself, I’m contributing to their own happiness too.

So, why so many of us insist in self-destructive patterns? We drink, we smoke, we kill ourselves in so many little, big, painful, slowly or quick ways, and in the end, we blame others for it.

I was thinking that it can be a sort of “spiritual lazyness”.

But, what is it, “lazyness”?

First of all, I must confess that I’m a spiritually lazy person myself, and that I’ve been trying to work on it.

For me, lazyness is not what it seems. So many times, I see people saying: “This child is lazy, she doesn’t like to study”.

They say it as if the child was mean. For me, lazyness is a sign that the person gave up. Children who don’t like to study probably have a deeper underlying problem, because to learn is something that gives us pleasure. We all love to learn, and the studying is a means to it. So, there are children who learn in different ways, not necessarily with books, and classes and lectures. It’s up to us to find the way for the child to fall in love with studying. When we call the child lazy, we are being lazy ourselves, because we don’t know how to help, and to not feel powerless, we blame the child.

So, when we are being spritually lazy, we sort of gave up too. We didn’t find our way to learn in life, to live, so, we got bored, it got painful, and we say “What for”? This is lazy because the potential is endless, and we can find our way.

And when we find our way, there is a flow, and a pleasurable flow. Inside a safe structure. We feel empowered, good and included.



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