Choose Love Boot Camp 2014 — Day 11: Opening Your Heart



This is a beautiful meditation by the spiritual teacher Tony Samara. I find his voice so calming and his meditations are truly powerful. I’ve been listening to them over and over again.

This one is very appropriated to our Boot Camp. It’s called “The Gift of Love“:

Sit comfortably
feel the inspiration flow through
your heart
become aware of your heart
let go
by deeply breathing out
center yourself by
breathing in fully
breath into the belly
breath into every cell of your being
with your out breath
smile to your heart
with you in breath
send love to your heart
as you breath in and out
in this beautiful manner
get in touch with how
wonderful it is
to have a loving
peaceful heart
that touches the
misteries of live.
As you breath in and out
notice how
your heart allows your life
to be possible in this
very moment
and how love is always there for
you every minute
every day
as you breath
in and out
know that your heart always
that love is eternally present
commit yourself
to this wonderful
deep feeling of love
let go of all else that troubles you
with each out breath
feel your heart
more and more
expanding into this
beautiful wisdom.
Allow each cell
in your body to smile
with ease and joy.
Notice how your body
emotions and
mind are connected;
notice as you experience
this ease and joy
in your body
how your mind
and emotions celebrate
the beauty of this moment
the beauty that
is created
Give yourself a chance
to rest deeply in this
As you continue to breath
deeply in and out
sending love
gratitude and appreciation
the gift that you are
now receiving
all tensions
that may be
holding you back
the gift of love.
From my heart
I thank you”.

Tony Samara




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