Choose Love Boot Camp 2014 — Day 7: Catch the Balls


Only I can give myself the feeling of union.

The taste of power is good, the taste of control too, because it makes us feel safe.

To be loved is also good.

But there is nothing like to love.

This taste, only I can give myself, by my choices everyday, every moment. Both in the bigger choices in my life, and also in the tiny daily ones.

We are all one, I believe this is the only reality and truth we’re able to know for now.

When we think about angry toughts, toughts and feelings of separation, like hatred, for exemple, we can think of them like baseball balls, running crazy around all places and creating havoc inside us. If we follow them, we’ll create havoc in this physical realm too.

Then, the choice to choose love is like the baseball glove. It catches the ball.

Ad then you look around and you see there’s a huge team catching balls throughout history and around the world. And you can count on them to train you too in this beautiful sport.

How many balls are you catching today?

Namaste __/\__



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