Video about Chakra 3: How to Protect Your Energy


We all are often afraid about being drained or not protecting our energy fields efectively. In the School of the Modern Mystic (SoMM), I learnt that the Chakra 3 is responsible for protecting us, like a “peaceful warrior”, that respects and honours our own values and moral codes and that can protect us if we are in an interaction or evironment that might be harmful (or just unhealthy) for ourselves.



One of the easiest ways to activate your chakra 3 is by placing your hands over your stomach, and breething deeply there.

Feel your inner strenght. Set the intention to express your truth in a responsible and honest way. Ask for guidance about how to do it. Chakra 3 has everything you need to do just that. You express yourself not only through your words and creative actions (this is more chakra 5), but also by the way you react to circumstances and to other people, by the choices you make, by what you choose in a daily basis, by practicing, by sticking to a job, relationship, habit that is healthy and fulfilling, and by letting go or transforming what is unhealthy.

Many of us feel so powerless about challenges in our lives, and this is a chakra 3 issue. Our personal power is here. Power is seen as aggressivity, and usually linked to anger, violence, domination and greed. But healthy power is nothing like that. It’s not passivity either. I’m not an expert in Chakra 3, but when Belinda says it is like a “peaceful warrior”, she means that it honours and respects other people’s truth and values too, and only then true connection and communication can occur, in the heart.

With a healthy chakra 3, the energy can flow freely to the chakra 4, the heart, and true connections can start to be made in our lives from there. We’ll also be channeling energy to our chakra 5 (the throat chakra), and expressing our voices from our hearts, and from our deepest values, truthfully and respecting the other’s voice too.

The beauty and perfection of the chakra system humbles me. I’ve always been awed by the harmony and complexity of our physical bodies, only to find more awesomeness in the invisible part of it too.

You can learn more watching the video #4 about Chakra 3.

In the next post, I’ll be sharing the video about manifesting.

From a mystic to other,


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