Choose Love Boot Camp 2014 — Day 5: Ready for the Book


Yesterday, I finished the book “Nurturing Healing Love“, by Scarlett Lewis, and it was between waves and watefalls of tears. Joyful tears also, but mainly sad ones.

This is a sad book and a happy book. A book that is difficult to read and that is easy to read. A book that will change your life and your way of see things, for sure. It talks about love, miracles, bonds, compassion, family, friendship, God, faith and courage, between many other things.

If there is something I wish you could bring with you from this “Choose Love” Boot Camp, I hope it’s this book. Read it. It’s so true and at the same time, so magical.


Reading the book it’s impossible to not fall in love with Jesse and his family, and not to start writing “Choose Love” all over your workdesk, journals, notebooks and so on. It’s also impossible to not vow in your heart to choose a loving tought over an angry one, thus practicing this so beautiful message. Keeping it alive.

I think Jesse also teaches us to trust our divinity. To be sure of how amazing each one of us are. To beat low self-steem and cultivate a passion for oneself that can only overflow and expresses through a beautiful passion and love for life. All lives.

Forever “Nurturing Healing Loving”,




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