Choose Love Boot Camp 2014 — Day 4: 33 Ways to Choose Love


Out of ideas?

This image is perfect to reminds us that choosing love can be that easy.


I love lists, so, here are some of my favorites:

1. Choose to replace an angry tought with a loving thought (even if you don’t feel it in your heart — it will almost instantly make you feel better and set your mind on a different path).
2. Love yourself unconditionally for one day (I’d say: for ever!)
5. Speak your truth gently
6. Be kind instead of right
9. Send love and blessings to the car taht just cut you off 🙂
10. Listen in created stillness to the answers you already know
12. Set your intention for the day (remember) to be kind, compassionate, grateful
21. Smile and laugh with your children.
22. Be present
25. Really listen to someone.
29. Look out the window and notice the beauty of the trees.
30. Fix yourself a cup of hot tea just the way you like it.

And my own suggestions:

34. Play with a pet. Really look into their eyes.

35. Stop to watch the flight of a butterfly.

36. Dance a favorite song.

37. Find meaning in a painful situation, including a past one.

38. Read your past journals with compassion instead of criticism.

39. Make an honest compliment when the opportunity arises.

40. Send a prayer to someone.

41. Eat well!

42. Reserve time each day to rest, relax and take care of your body.

43. Keep learning about a favorite topic, even if you don’t need too.

44. Accept help if you need to.

45. Give yourself space to feel everything you’re feeling, without judgement.

46. Give someone space to feel as they wish about you.

47. Dedicate your yoga practice to the happiness of all beings.

48. Take a deep breath.

49. Give yourself a hug when you need it.

50. and counting…

Namaste ❤



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