Sneak Peek Inside the School of the Modern Mystic


The School of the Modern Mystic (SoMM) is the training that I’m doing to fulfill my dream to become a healer. I know I will always evolve in my path, and I like to practice and get to know many other healing methods, including the universal ones — good food, prayer, spiritual connection and so on. I also practice yoga and meditation, but I must say that I’ve always been in love with energy healing.

I got to know this whole new world when I was 16 years old, and read the book Hands of Light, by Barbara Brennan. I always wanted to be a healer, but thought it was not a real profession, a real career. So, I kept my healing interests as a hobby for so long, and now I realize it could not be otherwise. I had to understand what I didn’t want to be in order to start to pursue my true dreams.

And here am I. My path is not easy, but it’s also not the hardest. I feel blessed by all the loving support I receive, even if it seems sometimes like repreesion, it also helps me to go further and deeper in my inner journey.

SoMM is a beautiful School. It is about receving information, support and insights about our energy system, and unlocking the spiritual beings we all are. In the School, I could understand what means to be “a spiritual being in a physical body”. During the meditations, I could experience blissful states, and by receiving so much light I could get more used to my divinity.

The White Light is essencial in our knowledge. The name can seem somehow “whoo-hoo”, but it’s just the name. You can call it the Divine Energy, the Holy Spirit, or only, the Love of God, that showers us incessantly. That is all around and inside you.

If you want to know more about what we learn in SoMM, you can access the videos and material Belinda Davidson, our teacher, is sharing until 10th march, in this link. In her words:


The 3 pillars are: Working with the Chakras, White Light and Mindfulness.

When I started SoMM, in july 2013, I was so eager to have a better life, to heal my anxiety and social phobia, to start living again, thriving. My path has been full of bumps and scratches, literally. But meanwhile, I got to know other amazing souls, books, and attracted information, situations and people to my life that made me feel like healing. I’m not healed yet, tough, and it is not my intention to make you believe that SoMM changed my life completely, in only 6 months. It didn’t. My problems and blocks are pretty much here yet, but yoga and meditation also haven’t changed my life completely, in two years. However, I practice, because these practices bring me joy.

So, to be in SoMM brings me joy. To be on my path to become a healer fills me with happiness every day, to be part of a community of like-minded people (mostly women) who share their spiritual longings and achievements, their victories and frustrations, to talk freely about energy, healing, chakras, and be taken seriously, to learn about my own chakra system, about my mind and reality, how to expand my heart and to practice my meditations and exercises fill me with joy. And that’s why I want to go on and why I’m presenting SoMM to you.

I think you should not enter it if you’re looking for “results”. Altough they might come pretty easily and quickly for you. It didn’t to me. But if you’re looking for a path, this is a beautiful one.


We’ll start to discover our life purpose in Level 2, but in Level 1 we can feel a taste of it (and it tastes good).

I’m also an affiliate of the program, and this means that if you sign up via my affiliate link, I’ll receive a part of the money too. I want you ground yourself and feel if it’s a true calling. Only then take this step. It’s a huge investment (at least for me, but the program is not expansive at all), so, you must know in your heart and in your hole body if it’s the right step to take in your journey right now.




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