Choose Love Boot Camp 2014 — Day 3: Little Acts of Kindness


This week, I’ve watched a video that made me want to live in Oslo, Norway ASAP, never mind the cold. Seriously, just the cuteness of this people! It’s a video made by a non-profit to gather donations to the children suffering during the winter in Syria:




Little acts of kindness can melt our hearts and sparkle the fire of unconditional love inside us. I always loved to be the The Good Samaritan, and do small acts of love to people around me. I find it enchanting, to be somehow like an angel. I remember how much I loved Amélie Poulain when I first watched it. I choosed this movie only because it was french, and I love France, but couldn’t imagine how much it would change my life.

But sometimes, I was disappointed in my angel career. I remember when I was about 12 years old, coming back from school, and found a girl in the street, sitted hugging her legs, with her head buried into her arms. I could only see her hair. She was so fiercely hiding, like if she wanted to disappear.

I passed by her, telling myself “not my business!”, but a few steps later, I came back.

“Is everything ok?”

No answer. She didn’t even look at me.

“Are you crying? Are you feeling pain? What happened?”

Nothing. She was like a statue. I touched her shoulder. No move.

I tried a last desperate resource:

“Do you need some money?” (And I hadn’t any!!).

She didn’t move. I couldn’t do nothing, so, I left. Sometimes I still think about her and hope she is ok, and say “a little prayer” to her.

Another day, many years later, I was driving home and saw an old man, sitted in the dark, skinny and alone. He seemed so sad. When I arrived home, I made a sandwich, packed it with some blanquets and one of my dad’s t-shirts, and left home again, proudly heading to the old man. When I approached him with my bag of goodies, saying “There, sir, it’s for you”. He looked at me outraged:

“I don’t need it, I have family!”

Surprised, but humbled, I went back home and ate his sandwich.

It took me a while to understand that because we think someone needs help, not necessarily he/she wants it. There is a difference. It took me years to understand that many people that I see “suffering” are actually only walking their paths, or maybe, they don’t want to be helped by me, personally. They can feel humiliated and diminished by my “helping hand”. I needed to know how, when and who to help.

Also about kindness, I would like to recommend this book: “Tiny beautiful Things“, by Cheryl Strayed. A friend lent me this book, and I hated it in the beginning. It’s heavy, it’s sad, it made me feel miserable in the beginning. But the more I read it, the more I could understand it and love it. Cheryl is so humane, compassionate, true and loving. So worth reading it.


I hope you can find a way to be kind to yourself, to a pet, to the world, or to others today.

Namaste ❤



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