Choose Love Boot Camp 2014 — Day 2: Love & Faith


To cultivate and practice love it’s essencial to feel safe. To know everything is going to be ok, no matter what. To trust.

Ishvara pranidhana. It’s not easy, but do we really have a choice but to trust?

For me, faith is something vital, but at the same time difficult to grasp.

When I was about 25-27 years old, I was very drawn to the anglican church. I’m born catholic, but by that time, I was going to a very small anglican church, so small that the reunions were in an event room, in a hotel, because the group didn’t have a building yet. It was called “Mount Sinai”.

I was specially impressed by the songs. They were like pop songs, but talking about Jesus and quotes of the Bible. In catholic churches, the music is very boring. I didn’t grow up going to the church, although religiosity is very present in my life, because of my mother. I was used to the Bible, to the ideas in it and to the figure of Jesus, and went to the catholic church and its gatherings some times.

god_is_loveSource of the Picture

Besides really liking the songs, I liked to go to the anglican church because of the new ideas about my relationship with God and Jesus. It was there that I heard, for the first time, that Jesus was my brother. Our shepherd (I don’t if it’s the right word!), said this a few times, and it took me years to really understand the full meaning of this sentence:

“You are a child of God, sister of Jesus”.

To be sister of Jesus seemed to be too glorious to me by then. But for many moments in my life, I remembered this quote, and used to look at myself and say “Stand up, Andressa, you’re a child of God, sister of Jesus”. And that gave me confidence.

I was very connected to the shepherd of the anglican church, because he was drawn to the church by a disease. He had leuchemia and healed. And faith was essencial in this process. I remember he was very connected to the figure of David. And it was also him who told me something also essencial in my life:

“If you want to start reading the Bible, start by St. John. ‘God is Love'”.

Have you ever read St. John (the first one)? It’s poetry. In the anglican church, I also received a booklet with a small program that helped me read the Bible (full) in one year. I’ve followed it and could read all the books, and it was so worth it. I could understand so much. I don’t think it was a waste of time by all means. I used to read only excerpts of the Bible and loose a lot of its meaning. I think it’s important to read it full and with orientation.

The old and the new, the shift in the awareness to prepare for the appearance of Jesus (the idea of him coming back I also got from the anglican church).

I remember our shepherd and wonder if he ever knew how positevely he influenced my life. I regret never telling him that, but by then, I was so confused. These messages took a long time to mature in my heart. He unfortunately died a few years ago. But I always think about him and what he left to me and to so many other people, even in such a small church.

So many times we are completely unaware of how positevely we impact the lives of others. You don’t have to be a priest, a shepherd, a doctor, or anything. Every one of us impact each others lives positevely in a way or another, and so many times we don’t know it. It would be good if we did.

Today’s post is an invitation for you to stop for a moment and remember people who influenced your life for the good. And send him/her/them good energies, and feel the gratitude in your heart. I’m sure other people are feeling the same gratitude in their hearts for you too.

Keep choosing Love! ❤




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