Choose Love Boot Camp 2014


Are you ready for some overdose of Love? Not (only) the romantic one, although it’s one of my favorites, but love in general. Because it’s always worth it, to choose love over anything else.

Choose love over fear,

over hatred,

over suspicion,

Choose unconditional love for yourself instead of self-criticism,



Choose forgiveness over punishment,

Choose healing over pain,

Choose unconditional love.

Choose love out of love, not out of fear.

Choose love because you long for peace

not because you want to win the war.

Choose love because it’s healthier

because it’s fun

because love is our Nature.

One day, I had to make a choice: to love and forgive, to trust. Or to hate, to resent, to despair. Choosing love is not always easy, but it’s aligned with our souls, and it’s healthy for our system.

We are designed (or, to use a word I see often lately), “wired” to love.

So, every week (or more than once during the week) in the next month I’ll be posting something to cultivate love in our hearts. And in mine, of course.

Because it’s worth it, and because of this mother and her son, who taught me what it means to choose love over anything else.

Are you in? All you have to do is to choose love in your daily decisions, simple choices and current life. And see what changes. And share it with me (if you wish).

Be warned that I’ll be exercising my artistic side illustrating the posts with the best of my visual creations, like the mini rose bouquet above.

See you inside that HUGE heart that encompasses us all.

With love,




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