Creating an Altar


I’ve been creating my first altar, after much time planning it. For months, I never had the time, space or money to create it, so last month I decided to assemble itens I already had at home and create it the way I could. I cleaned a little bit of space in my bedroom, used my two yoga blocks as a base (the sad part is that I can’t use my blocks anymore, an they are needed), turned a wood tray over the blocks and voilà, an altar.

Then, I bought this gorgeus candle in the shape of a succulent, that for me resembles a lotus flower and is very common in my region, specially in the land. It’s a resilient and generous plant, and the candle is jut too cute.


Is also part of my altar my mala, a book with quotes from the Bible, two rosaries (the catholic background is strong), and notes with my intentions or some special mantras.

Both rosaries were gifts. The smaller one is also a bracelet and I use it as a bookmark. It has the picture of St. Joseph with baby Jesus on his shoulder. And the other one comes from Fátima, in Portugal, and was blessed. It has the picture of Mary of Fátima.

I don’t pray with the rosaries anymore, although sometimes I pray a Hail Mary and the Lord’s Prayer. The first times I sitted in front of my altar, all the prayers of my childhood started to pop out in my mind and in my heart again, so I couldn’t not pray them. But I try to keep an ecletic altar.

I was looking for a statue of St. Mary, because she is the feminine figure more familiar to me when it comes to spirituality. Unfortunately, I don’t know many hindu goddesses yet, so, I have to begin with what I have. And of course St. Mary is more than good enough.

With time, I’m going to add more special things in it, and it can grow. But so far, I’m loving this “sacred space”, and it was so simple and easy to make. It costs really nothing and can give you a lot.

With an altar, it’s more comfortable to sit in meditation, to sing mantras, or just to contemplate a candle light while you write in you journal and drink some tea or warm water with lemon in the mornings. It’s a peaceful spot.

Do you have an altar? I’d love to see it 🙂

Have a blessed week.



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