Early Bird Special for School of the Modern Mystic


Today is the last day to get in School of the Modern Mystic (SoMM) with a US$85 discount! You can watch videos and learn more about the School here.

I’ve completed Level 1 of SoMM and can’t wait for Level 2, although I might not be able to do it now because of budget limitations. But I’ll be all the way again through Level 1 to deepen my self-healing, and would love to see you there.

In the School, you’ll learn about the chakra system, how to cleanse and strenghten your chakras, how to heal blockages, how to manifest and how to live a more conscious life. We have a forum where we can share our challenges and victories along the way, and this new version will also have live calls and group coaching with Belinda, our teacher. We also have the guidance of Kat, our forum coach.

The path is not easy, but so rich and fulfilling. I always wanted to be a healer, since I was a teenager, and feel beyond happy for this opportunity. If you feel the call, get to know more and get in here.


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