Two Years of Yoga


This post is more than one month late, but I was waiting for the moment I could feel peace in my heart to write it.

Peace never came, so, I’m writing it anyway.

My daily yoga practice started on 12th january 2012 and is shifting my life in all the best ways possible. So, I’m doing a list with some of the beautiful moments I had so far:

— One of my dear healers sent me a Mantra program with Deva Premal & Mitten, and for 21 days, I’ve received a beautiful mantra to chant along and a message. I usually listened to the mantra and read the email at night, before bed, but that day, I decided to listen to it before sunrise, during my morning routine. I’ve put my earphones, listened to the mantra in meditation with my eyes closed, everything around me was so quiet, and the sky was still dark, and then, the chanting stopped and someone started talking in the void:

“universe is a totality, indivisible; it is an organic whole. The parts are not separate, we are all existing in a togetherness: the trees, the mountains, the people, the birds, the stars, howsoever far away they may appear — don’t be deceived by the appearance — they are all interlinked, all bridged. Even the smallest blade of grass is connected to the farthest star, and it is as significant as the greatest sun. Nothing is insignificant, nothing is smaller than anything else. The part represents the whole just as the seed contains the whole”.

I was in such a peaceful state, that I perfectly visualized the blade of grass and the “farthest star”; I was transported, in such a light state, I felt like floating.

This is Osho. And I don’t even like him. I don’t like Osho at all. But that day, he transported me to such a divine state. Grateful ❤

— The first posture that made me realize the energy running through my body and changing my awareness was dhanurasana (bow pose). I felt like a boat, heading to a better, new life.


— One day, I practiced the whole sequence Iyengar suggests in the asana course of the book Light on Yoga. After the practice, I sitted in virasana, united my hands in front of my chest and listened to the Invocations, to seal the practice. Another “floaty” moment.


— The moment I realized that my plant-based diet healed me of years of cronic constipation, in weeks. I was pooping better. For free. I thought there was something wrong with my digestive tract, but it was just my food.


— First time I could do sirsasana at the wall.

— First time I did a conscious handstand in my life.

— First time I did 108 sun salutations. I trembled, I’ve sweated a lot, I’ve complained, I wanted to shout, I couldn’t anymore, but I did it. At the end, I was in such a state of euphoria. My heart was pumping blood to the whole world and I thought I would dye there, alone, in the dark, on my mat. That seemed stupid by then, but not now. I’ve done 108 SS again the first day of this year, and it is now a tradition I want to keep.

— One night, I felt invited by the full moon to salute her. That night started a revolution in my life and a reconnection with my feminility (still working on it, always!)

— One day, I did a YogaGlo class with so many strong backbends that I got sick for many days. My immune system suddenly decreased and I got “dengue”, a milder version of yellow fever, or malaria, but very painful, and endemic where I live (I had it twice in my life. The good news is that I can only have it 3 more times, because there are “only” five virus of dengue, and you get immunity. Yay!).

— I created Y de Yoga blog about 3 years ago, and am so happy with it 🙂

— I memorized the eight limbs. And the yamas and niyamas in order of appearance. And I try to practice them.


— First time I chanted mantras for more than 2h.

— First time I meditated for 2h.

It’s a marriage, a commitment. I don’t know if I’ll ever stop practicing yoga, but for now I want to go on. And I hope that I have many other birthdays to celebrate.

To yoga! ❤



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