Digital Entrepreneurship

Although I cannot say that I am a digital entrepreneur (at the moment, I’m just a person practicing self-healing the best way I can), I have the longing to be, someday. The opportunity to work with what I love, to honour my own self and story and inspire others, to have a community of like-minded people, to write for living, to be location independent and be able to work from virtually any place in the world, to work from home, to be able to raise my children without worrying about going to the office, to be independent, to help others, to be my own boss, to, to… the list of benefits is endless.

Last year, in february, something very painful happened in my life and I decided it was time for a radical change. It was painful and cofusing, and I can explain better in another post, but for now I could say that I was wanting to move foward in my life faster. By then, my income was about US$200/month. Exactly. I was recovering from depression and very in love with my yoga practice (which I still am), but I realized that I needed a job that not only brought me fulfillment, but also money.

I was asking for orientation when I’ve read a newsletter from Jessica Ainscough, talking about B-School. It’s a business training primarily created for women, who want to begin a digital business or boost their own. The program costed about US$2.000,00. And I still had my health insurance to pay, my organic food and my little pleasures in life — eating an ice scream at the beach, going to the movies, traveling in the weekend. And I also payed for my healing sessions.

I had no money, but I had the willingness. So, I asked my boss if she had extra work for me. She had. I wrote for two blogs, about 4 posts/day, and earned about US$3 each post, around 350 words each (it’s a lot of math, but I had to write a lot to earn some money). I started to write for another blog (so, three blogs), earning around US$5/post in one and US$3/post in the previous two. I also found another work to translate 350 words articles from english to portuguese earning US$3/each. And I also started to write articles for another website, earning more US$5/article, around 500 words each.

I know what you’re thinking. Modern slavery. But with my social phobia I have no much options. So, I started writing as if there was no tomorrow and signed up for B-School with my credit card, with the payment plan in 4 stallments. I was pumped, I was trembling, I was full of ideas and plans. I’ve done my first 108 sun salutations to salute this new beginning.

And I’ve wrote. And wrote. Posts, articles, translations, everything. And at the same time I tried to keep up with the classes and build my website (this humble one you’re reading now). I had no fingerprint on my index finger and there were days when it bleeded. So, I used the next finger to use the mouse.

There were nights I was so tired, when I finally layed down in bed, every inch of my body hurted. But I was so glad I could finally sleep and not type any more word, that I would forget the pain and smile. And sleep. My yoga practice was pushed to the background for a while, which made me suffer. There was a day, in this frenzy, when I passed through the window and saw a beautiful sunset. The sky was pink, and yellow, and orange. I’ve unrolled my mat and sitted “in appreciation” for 30 seconds. Then, I’ve stand up and went back to work.

I could pay the installments, but the second one I’ve paid late, and had to ask for support for the amazing team Marie has (gratitude!).

I thought it would be insanely difficult. It was dificult, but I survived, and I’ve did it. I’m not rich, tough, far from it. I don’t even have a product yet. But I’m inspired everyday by a community of amazing entrepreneurs, creative people, coaches, healers. I learned that I can write articles and publish them in awesome websites (and people like it!), I started my energy healing training and I boosted my life, for sure. Although it was hard. And although I have and still have many doubts.

B-School is receiving new students again now. If you are thinking about creating a business online you love, you could know more and sign up here.

Maybe your path will be easier than mine, maybe it will be harder, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.



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