Experience of a Healing with the Goddess


Picture: Goddess/Pinterest


This week, I’ve read a very transformational article of one of my “spiritual inspirations”, and she shared her experience honoring a part of ourselves, women, very despised and disowned: the seductress, the lover. She also shared one experience she had having a sensual dance with another woman.

Soon after reading the article, I had this experience. I was lying down, completely relaxed after about 30 minutes cleaning and energizing my chakras, and I felt like “melted”, it was very good. Then, I had a “vision”. I usually have them during meditations, and this one was very healing.

I saw a beautiful naked woman, with flowers in her hair, so beautiful. And I was naked too, and we we’re holding hands, and then she kissed my nipple, and it felt so warm, and then, I remember thinking (she kissed my left nipple, so I’ll kiss her right one). And I kissed her right nipple (or vice-versa). Then, we united our heads, holding hands, sitting side by side, in an embrace.

It felt warm and I was deeply relaxed. Then I saw the two halves of my heart being united, and I felt healed. Afterwards, I slept for one and a half hour, and I knew a true healing happened, because I was needing so much rest afterwards. I think this was wonderful for me to feel united sexually, energetically with another woman. It felt very sacred and I love it.

We so many times missunderstand sexual desire, and sexual exchange. I myself had so much prejudice with (even energetically), making love with another woman. I don’t know if what I had was a “making love”, even energetically, but I felt her energy becoming one with mine, and it felt sacred. I think if we could open ourselves more to this we could love ourselves more as a whole and live a more fulfilling life, not only sexually, but in all other areas of life.

It was an experience of deep and real love (generous, expansive), and I’m forever grateful.



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