How to Love Yourself Deeper and Unconditionally

self_lovePicture: Pinterest

The program Live a Brighter Life, by Indrani’s Light Foundation and Andrea J. Lee, is awesome, and I’ve just finished listening the last class and felt the longing to share.

Indrani works empowering women who live in risk situations, like domestic violence, for example. She gives lectures and workshops in shelters to teach these women how to understand and set healthy boundaries in their lives, how to say no, how to be safe, how to develop self-compassion and self-love, how to take care of themselves, and how to live a brighter life.

This is the first time that the workshop she gives in person in the shelters in being offered online. It’s free, and beyond the aim of spreading the word and empowering women and men online, they want to attract people interested in become teachers of this material too.

Andrea J. Lee is an awesome coach, and it was through her work that I was introduced to Indrani’s foundation. Andrea is compassionate, fun and wise, and is working in partnership with Indrani, to make this work reach more and more women around the world.

The program is composed by six class (about 2h each), and PDF materials. Everything is free and is going to be available for a whole year in this link. You can download the classes and materials, practice the tools and spread the word!



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