My Most Dear Practice

malaPicture: Pinterest

This is a very quick post, because I’m very tired and because I’ll have to wake up at 1 am to put the eyedrops into the eyes of the kitten and again at 3 am to give her antibiotics. So, after she scratches me all over in the middle of the night, twice, I’ll go back like a zombie to bed and won’t be able to sleep, like yesterday, until the sun rises and I have to wake up (but she’s getting better :-).

I just wanted to share how powerful it is to sing mantras “the right way”. I usually sing about 3 x 18 times, but in special occasions, I sing 108 times + 108 times + 108 times in silence. At the end, I’m exhausted, but peaceful. I’ve been chanting Shanti Mantra.

The yoga teacher Kimberly Johnson told me to start singing mantras this way, and the first time I did it, it was ugly. By the 56° time singing the mantra, I seeemed to be possessed. I started sweating, and started to curse (inside). I was angry, irritated, and in pain. I saw a part of myself for the first time that night, and it wasn’t pretty. At the end, 45 minutes afterwards, I was like “tamed”. I could not move. I repeated it carefully, but today, I had a blissful experience. After 2h20 singing mantras, I was really peaceful. There was a moment when I “disappeared”. It was good. Today, it’s the new moon, and a perfect moment to plant new seeds. May I plant and cultivate the seed of true peace and harmony.



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