Celebrating Marriage

Et vive l’amour!

I’ve found this video today, and wanted to share. It’s in portuguese but below is the translation. The video is made with real couples, all kinds of couples — gay, in a wheelchair, rich, poor, jew, catholic, protestant, hippie, “Elvis and Marilyn”, couples with a kid, couples marrying under portuguese tiles, at the beach, by a river, in the church, all around and everywhere — it’s just too cute.

One can suffer a zillion times, but this kind of thing just reminds me life is supposed to feel good. Love is our only reality.

Pra Sonhar (To dream about)
by Marcelo Jeneci


Quando te vi passar fiquei paralisado
When I saw you I was paralized

Tremi até o chão como um terremoto no Japão
Shaken to the the floor like an earthquake in Japan
Um vento, um tufão
A wind, a hurricane
Uma batedeira sem botão
A mixer out of control
Foi assim viu
It was like this
Me vi na tua mão
I saw myself dependent on you

Perdi a hora de voltar para o trabalho
I was late coming back from work
Voltei pra casa e disse adeus
Came back home and said good bye
pra tudo que eu conquistei
To all I’ve accomplished
Mil coisas eu deixei
I’ve left a thousand things
Só pra te falar
Only to tell you
Largo tudo
I drop everything
Se a gente se casar domingo
If we marry on sunday
Na praia, no sol, no mar
On the beach, on the sun, on the sea
Ou num navio a navegar
Or on a boat sailing
Num avião a decolar
In a plane taking off
Indo sem data pra voltar
Going without a certain time to come back
Toda de branco no altar
You all in white at the altar
Quem vai sorrir?
Who is going to smile?
Quem vai chorar?
Who is going to cry?
Ave maria, sei que há
Hail Mary, I know there is
Uma história pra contar
A story to dream about.
Pra sonhar
To dream about.

O que era sonho se tornou realidade
What was a dream is now reality
De pouco em pouco a gente foi erguendo nosso próprio
Little by little we have been building our own
Nossa Jerusalém
Our Jerusalem
Nosso mundo, nosso carrossel
Our world, our carousel
Vai e vem vai
Go, comes, go
E não para nunca mais
And never more stops.


De tanto não parar a gente chegou lá
We continued going forth and we arrived
Do outro lado da montanha onde tudo começou
At the other side of the mountain where everything started
Quando sua voz falou:
When your voice said:
Pra onde você quiser eu vou
Wherever you want to go I’ll go
Largo tudo
I drop everything
Se a gente casar no domingo
If we marry on sunday,
On the beach, on the sun, on the sea…



I’m listening to it a thousand times, it’s going to be my new OCD.

I hope you marry the love of your live this week 😉



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