Little Nothings that Meant a lot to Me


I sometimes loose faith in humanity, but when this shadow creeps in, I like to review my list of kind acts that made my day:

1. One day, my car got stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere. Six young men volunteered to literally lift it up and set if free of the mud. When I tried to pay them, they seemed offended. “It was nothing”, they said. Covered in mud.

2. One night, during my long years of depression, I woke up crying before sunrise, and went to sleep in the hammock, in the balcony, to watch the sun rising. I fell asleep and woke up again with a tiny small kiss on my cheek. When I opened my eyes, I saw my 6 years old cousine, in her pajamas, with her gold hair all over the place, smiling at me, bathed in the light of the sun soon after sunrise. She looked like an angel.

3. During one trip to Paris, me and my sister ate in a café and a very sweet waitress served us. When we asked for the bill, we found one message from her on the back of the paper: “Je vous souhaite des bonnes vacances” (I wish you a nice holiday), I felt so welcomed.

4. Once, I had a car accident, and it was my fault. It was a little damage, but I insisted to pay. The owner of the car never returned my calls. One day, after calling him about 5 times, he said to me: “Kid, forget about it”.

5. Once, I went with a group to swimm and see the fishes and sea turtles with snorkel. We would have to swimm a lot, so it was necessary to use fins. I didn’t feel comfortable with them, and as I know how to swimm, I didn’t use it. Our guide told me I’d need them, but I said I could swimm by myself. In the middle of the tour, I was exhausted. The guide told me to go to his back and he carried me during the rest of the trip, until we arrived safe at the beach (I know, I suck).

6. My first internship when I was in college was in the production of a TV show. The first time my name appeared in the credits, my aunt got teary eyes.

And there are also acts of kindness that I see people doing as a routine, so much that no one notices it:

— The way my aunts and uncles always reserve money to pay the health insurance of their parents.

— The way my oldest sister gives her money to help the family.

— The way my little sister and her husband work hard to give comfort to my niece.

— The way my parents sacrificed to give us a good life.

— Every time I noticed that a teacher prepared a class with love when I was in school (I’ll never forget).

— The way nice people gave me information and support when I was a tourist.

— The way sometimes I get pampered in a store, by a seller that fills us with free samples.

— The way some writers just open up their hearts in their books and we feel like having  a conversation with them.

— The way people look when they are really happy.

— The dedication of some yoga practicioners.

— The love of a mother of father for their children.

— and the list goes on…

When people act like people is just… blissful.

Do you remember any acts of kindness? Please share in the comments!



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